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First sponsordeal 07/06/2024

Kian signed his first sponsordeal with the FAB meaning that the logo of the Fit Academy will be on his suit and car for the rest of this- and next year. A memory for the year!

1/2 MARATHON 31/05/2024

To stay fit for racing Kian combines Motorsports with other sports, one of those is running. Kian completed the half-marathon in a very good time. This proves that he is absolutely ready to drive in a good condition!


Kian has been called up for the FIA Motorsport games which is in Valencia this Oktober. He will represent the Netherlands in the Formula 4 class which means that Arden will train him for the raceweek!

Preps for season 2024  24/02/2024

Another successful trainingcamp at Arden to prepare for the 2024 racing season, which will be in the Mazda MX5 cup. 

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Racing License 07/02/2024

On 6 & 7 Februari, Kian qualified for his International racing license. Which means that he is fast enough in the real car on track to race international.

  • DSC02249-Verbeterd-NR1 © Kilian Guijt
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  • DSC02263-Verbeterd-NR5 © Kilian Guijt

2H of Lelystad

  • Racestart
  • Outside overtake
  • A massive train of drivers
  • Straight-line speed