ABOUT The Fastest YRDA driver

Kian has been extremely passionate about cars and the speed they reach from a young age. It didn't
take long before he started racing, and in just a few years, he has achieved considerable success. After participating in both Dutch esports and major iRacing events, Kian is scouted by Arden Motorsport, one of the largest racing teams outside of Formu
la 1.

The YRDA, Arden's junior program, is training Kian to make the transition from the simulator to real racing. And it seems this transition might happen even faster than expected because,

Kian is ready for the Real Deal. 


After a very long time of saving money, Kian was finally able to buy his first simracing wheel. This is the pure beginning of this big journey. 

Kian has been putting a lot of effort and time into simracing, dedicating a lot of things for it to become better and better. His dream was very clear, becoming a prof in this sport



 2022 was a flying start, putting even more focus and effort into improving my skills.

The whole year was a preparation for one big achievement, becoming Dutch champion in December.

The Dutch eSPORTS season was a massive fight until the final race of the season, where Kian was second with a gap of 20 points, too big for succes, but after a night of nerves, stress and sweat.
Kian won the 2022 Dutch Simracing Championship

After winning the season, Kian was scouted by Arden

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2023 is a very good year. Starting off with the 24H of Daytona in Januari, he already impressed a lot on the audience.

Kian becomes a Pro Class driver in the new Dutch eSPORTS series, but he also qualifies for different european series like the ERS GT3 Championship, the biggest GT3 series on Simgrid.

Also performing like a Verstappen in the Harakiri series makes him an even better driver.

In 2023, Kian starts to consistently train with Arden in their simulator, but after a few training weeks it was clear for his trainers that he is ready for the car, so it's now full focus on the sponsors.

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In 2024, Kian's racing career reached new heights with remarkable achievements. The second attempt at the 24H Daytona proved to be a resounding success as Kian emerged victorious in this prestigious and enduring race.

In February, Kian achieved qualification for his International racing license, attesting to his exceptional speed and paving the way for him to compete on the international stage.
Kian will drive for Tachyon Racing in the Betcity Mazda MX5 cup to develop his racecraft and get the experience for next year!

Looking ahead to mid-summer, Kian is set to undertake his first F4 tests, representing another crucial step in his career progression. These developments highlight the outstanding trajectory of Kian's racing journey in 2024, positioning him as a rising star in the world of motorsports.

Another big highlight in 2024 is that Kian got a call up for the Netherlands to represent them in the FIA Motorsport games. He will drive the F4 category since this is his strongest class.