''It is clear we are working with the next Max Verstappen''

// Jamie Horner, Founding director YRDA


Kian Golshayan is a 17-year-old teenager dedicating all his time and effort to motorsports. Arden Motorsport, along with its junior program, the YRDA, discovered Kian due to his immense passion for racing and the evident talent he possesses on the track.

A promising future awaits Kian, guided by his trainers. Given the remarkable level of improvement and speed exhibited by this Dutch teenager, he undeniably has the potential to make it to Formula 1.

KNAF Digital Silver Champion

F1 eCHAMPIONSHIP Triple Champion

24H Daytona Winner



Kian's promising racing career cannot continue without the support and money coming from sponsors.

There is a lot Kian can offer already for a partner, but the most important thing of being a partner, is that you are a core part of this career.

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''If you never fail, you're not taking enough risks''

// Kian Golshayan

''Kian belongs to the 
elite drivers''
// Steve Hutchinson, co-founder Arden